This video is a showreel of the assets I modelled, rigged, and textured. Often they draw inspiration from other media, for example the design of the church is based off the church from Tarantino's Kill Bill as a nod to the film.
The next video is an example of the process taking the shot from storyboard animatic, to rough animation, to final animation.
I drew out the storyboard after talking to Krystian, then refined some of the shots with Sam later. I then timed it out using the frames from the board, which we used as a base to create a rough animatic.
A compilation of the shots I animated for the music video.
The shots were split 50/50 with Sam, we'd each do the comp for our respective shots.
Creating the stars involved taking the camera data from Maya then creating spheres in After Effects to get the sense of depth and motion.
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